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Welcome - Why We Made A Trigger?

Here we are trying to describe all important things about our API and using of ATrigger in the best way possible. ATrigger is a programming tool that acts like a smart timer in desktop apps. When you need time in your websites, you can use ATrigger. We call it "The timer object for the web"

Handling the scheduled tasks was always a headache for us. There are problems in calculating months, years, minutes, etc. and on the other hand, the web is not made to handle scheduled tasks. Using programming hacks is not the appropriate method to do scheduled tasks. MySql Cron, Windows Scheduled Tasks and .VB files, uptime checkers, on expired events on caching objects, and thousands of other methods are all hacks. They are not made to do this job, they are very, very limited, unreliable and not easy to implement.

We decided to make a tool for all developers as a freeware. We're tired of being involved with scheduling problem every time. So we made this tool in the best way possible, with easiest method you can imagine, and really powerful and flexible.

How To Start?

You need to follow this checklist. It's simple and quick.