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Use Case: Password Change Reminder

The main reason developers are ignoring this important abilities are scheduling implementation costs. Here we will do all scheduling job in a single line. You can simply add this feature in a minute to your applications.

Solution Using A Trigger

Using A Trigger, time is not a problem at all. forget everything about time and just write just a line of code to send password change reminder email on a custom URL.

For example:[email protected]

task function on your url

SEND REMINDER EMAIL TO [email protected]

At the page of signup, just add a line of code to create the task for user.

singup page

tag("type") = "reminderEmail"

ATrigger.doCreate("2month", "[email protected]", tags, -1)

Your email sender URL will be called each 2month exactly at the time of signup for each user. The best time we are sure user is behind his monitor, is the time when he has signed up!